Member Parking Guide at Surge Fitness- Your Local Gym in Perth


There’s nothing more annoying than struggling to find a park when you’re headed to work out. Whether you’re joining in on a group class or getting your solo workout in before work, a lack of parking can be a serious deterrent to your workout regime. Especially if you’re the type to need a little extra motivation, obstacles like parking can mean the difference between regular or once-a-week workouts.

Don’t let your health and fitness suffer due to difficult parking options at local gyms. At Surge Fitness, we’ve put together a member parking guide to make visiting us a breeze.


One Less Thing to Worry About

With world-class facilities, a huge range of equipment and specialist training programs all in a convenient location, we’ve got clients from across Perth travelling to the CBD to train with us. We’re even situated right on the Perth City Link and New Perth Busport, making public transport easier than ever.

At first glance, Perth parking can seem like a nightmare. But, you just need to be in the know. We’ve got the lowdown on where to park close by for cheap.


Parking Deals

The best parking deal can be found at Perth Arena. Surge Fitness members get two hours of parking between 8am and 8pm during weekdays by validating their ticket and showing their Surge Fitness membership card. Please note that parking is subject to availability and venue terms and conditions.


Street Parking

Telethon Avenue and Wellington Street

We’re super lucky to have one hour street parking right outside our door on Telethon Avenue and beside the club on Wellington Street. Parking is just $5 per hour and there’s no charge before 8am or after 6pm Monday to Saturday. Plus, park free before 12pm and after 6pm on Sunday. Perfect for getting workouts in before or after work!


Roe Street

Telethon Avenue and Wellington Street full? No problems! Try Roe Street in Northbridge; just a two-minute walk from us. Instead of one-hour spots, two-hour spots are available for just $4.20 per hour. You’ll even nab parking for free before 8am and after 6pm Monday to Saturday and after 6pm on Sunday.

Plus, certain areas have free parking on weekends after 12pm – just make sure to double check the street signs.


Major Events and Disruptions

Being in the heart of the CBD, there’s always the chance that you’ll run into the bustle of events, crowds and traffic. On days you can’t take advantage of cheap or free parking in the area, try one of the many COP or Wilson car parks on both Wellington and Roe Street. You can even try the free parking options right by Kings Square in Perth City before or after work hours.


Make Parking Simple at Surge Fitness

Don’t let parking woes stifle your motivation to workout. Always plan your trip to advance and have a backup packing spot in mind in case your preferred area is full. Make sure that you’ve read all street signs and parking rules before you leave your car to avoid any fines and tickets.

A little planning goes a long way in getting you in and out of your sweat session stress-free. Find out more about memberships and benefits of working out at Surge Fitness. Contact us on 9408 5659.