How to Make the Most Out of Lunchtime Workouts

At Surge Fitness, our members are just as diverse as our services. From creatives and entrepreneurs to athletes and stay-at-home parents, all of our members have one thing in common – they love training hard.

But, what happens when life’s demands fill up your schedule? Instead of ditching your daily workout, squeeze in a training session at lunch.

Here’s how to make the most out of lunchtime workouts at Surge Fitness.


The Perks of Exercising at Lunch

Exercising during your lunch break helps to increase energy, boost your mood, calm your nerves and – essential for success at work – improve your productivity. Plus, you’ll get to spend more time in the mornings and evenings with family and friends or enjoying other hobbies.


How to Get Organised for a Lunchtime Workout

With some simple preparation and planning, you can make the most out of a lunchtime workout and head back to work feeling – and looking – refreshed.


Prep a Lunch

By packing your own lunch, you minimise time spent queuing for takeaway food. Plus, you’re able to boost your nutrients by including only good, healthy ingredients. We recommend preparing a meal full of protein and even packing a protein supplement in a shaker.

Ideal lunchtime meal prep ingredients include chopped veggies, grilled chicken, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, hummus, nuts, fruit, tuna, salmon and all healthy foods to nourish and build your body.


Pick up a Meal at Surge Fitness

Forgot to meal prep? Don’t let that throw off your lunchtime workout. At Surge Fitness, we’ve got a huge range of healthy and balanced convenience meals designed to fill you up after a workout. Explore our range of Fit Kitchen meals in our freezer section right near reception.


Keep Hair and Makeup Simple

A blow-dry and full face of makeup might not be the best option for workout day. Instead, opt for hair in a sleek ponytail or tucked behind your ears to avoid sweat from ruining its style. For makeup, light and simple styles during the day allow you to apply a fresh touch up before you head back to work.


Pack Light

As fitness professionals, we know that it can be tough to balance work and training. That’s why we offer a range of amenities and facilities to save you from gym bags that weigh you down. Pack light knowing that we’ve got GHDs, Musk Professional Haircare styling tools, ironing stations, luxury showers and toiletries and towel hire services ready for you. You can even buy hair bands, headphones, socks, fitness apparel, bath salts, shampoos and even razors from reception.

To make things even easier, why not rent out a personal locker for just $7 per week? Store your sneakers, workout gear and accessories in your locker to make working out at lunch simple.


Wear Your Activewear to Work

While we don’t recommend parading your leggings and crop top into a business meeting, you can layer your activewear under your work clothing for quick changing at the gym. Wear your sports bra, leggings or singlet under your work clothing then change into a fresh set after you’ve completed your workout.


Come in With a Plan

If you’re coming in for a lunchtime workout, you can’t afford to be slowed down by time spent wandering what to do next. Come in with a plan of attack to make the most of your time in the gym. Whether you train with a PT during lunch or you take advantage of our Surge Member Journey Program, workout plans help you stay on track and moving towards results.


Join a Class

Prefer working out in a group? We’ve got lunchtime classes running daily. Offering a blend of 30 and 45-minute class formats and a huge range of HIIT, Strength, Power, Core and Mind/Body classes, you’ve got all the variety you need to workout the way you want. Our classes are designed to be completed safely and with maximum reward during lunchtime sessions.

Check out our lunch timetable online.


Avoid Peak Times

If you’re lucky enough to have a flexible workplace, choose off-peak workout times during the day to have full reign of the gym floor and facilities. You can even join in on an 11am or 1pm class to beat the rush.


Get Your Lunchtime Workout in at Surge Fitness

Pressed for time but keen on getting your workouts in? Try a lunchtime session at Surge Fitness in Perth. As a leading gym in Western Australia, train with a PT, create a program with our team or workout solo with advanced equipment, facilities and support in each of our clubs.

Find out more about joining Surge Fitness and smashing out your lunchtime workouts. Contact us on 9408 5659.