Simulated Altitude Training will revolutionise the
Fitness Industry. This exciting & Innovative training system,
a first for W.A health Clubs, will challenge the status quo by
providing an environment that replicates conditions of up to
5500 metres above sea level. This boutique & purpose built facility
will accelerate your results and significantly enhance your overall health & well being. So if you are looking to change your life and to take your training to the next level then enquire about our Simulated Altitude Studio today.


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Experience high altitude training in a group environment with our new group fitness classes

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Power Tower

The Power Tower is a truly versatile equipment piece which can produce a range of different exercises, targeting different areas. This can all be achieved with a simple change of handles and foot plates. You can also choose to train bilateral or unilateral with the Power Tower and with the additional power-band and body weight ring system, you have an endless combination.

Some of the multiple operation modes include:

– Total body climbing
– Lower body climbing
– Upper body hang pull and push press
– Upper body reciprocal hang pull and push press
– Upper body reciprocal chest press and row
– Deadlift and pushdown

Bionic Cycle

The Bionic Cycle provides a low impact,total-body workout. Do not be fooled by the low impact nature as this machine is packed with resistance and power. The Bionic Cycle uses wind resistance via a large fan, so the harder you work, the more resistance you feel. With your arms and legs in motion, you have a workout that will significantly increase your calorie expenditure.

Ski Erg

The Ski Erg provides all the aerobic and strength benefits, of skiing. Even if you've never put on a pair of skis, the Ski Erg is the perfect tool to help you reap the benefits of this effective full-body workout. Skiing is a low impact and high calorie burning workout, suited for all ages and abilities. You are in complete control of the resistance, the harder you pull, the faster the flywheel spins, which creates more resistance.

My Mountain

The My Mountain Treadmill includes all of the functions of a conventional walking treadmill in a compact unit, With a range from-5 to a 50 degree incline, the intensity of the workout can be exponentially increased whilst still maintaining a comfortable low impact walking pace. This is a fantastic exercise that mimics steep climbs that you are likely to experience in the mountains.


The self-powered curved treadmill allows you to run with a natural style on the balls of your feet. This pushes your body forward creating the momentum to turn the treadmill belt. This style of running uses more muscle groups in the body at the same time when compared to the traditional heel strike used by many runners. The curved design of the SpeedFit Treadmill allows you to responsively accelerate, hit top speed and decelerate smoothly and naturally, exactly like you would experience on the track.

Power Swim & Paddle Erg

This is an excellent training tool for anyone who loves being in the ocean and will provide both strength and aerobic range training to improve your stroke. You can also use it to improve you paddle board hours. There is no other gym tool where you can train this aerobic/muscle endurance exercise being as close to the real thing. The swimmer, surfer or paddle board enthusiast can have endless training options. From improve strength in stroke, to power strokes to endurance based training.

Power Cycle

On the Power Cycle, the user can produce an unheard of power range from 4 watts to an astonishing 14,000 watts at 150rpm, making this a true power machine to suit any user for any workout. Currently the standard for stationary indoor bikes is somewhere between 500-2000 watts.
Another unique feature is the possibility for independent cranks, which will reveal any imbalance in any level of cyclist and forcing a correct pedal stroke on both legs.

Strength Training

The Simulated Altitude Studio is equipped with a range of dumbbells, the ever popular Power Tower and a double cable station offering multiple strength training solutions.

Functional Training

A vast range of functional training equipment is available to compliment your training:
- Kettlebells
- Battle ropes
- Medicine balls
- Slam balls
- Freeform boards
- Skipping ropes


What is Simulated Altitude Training (SAT)?

High altitude training is commonly applied in the sports industry and widely used by athletes to improve sport performance. Athletes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from altitude training and with a simulated altitude environment, we can mimic the effects of training in the mountains where there is less oxygen contained in the air than at sea level. At sea level, the air contains 20.9% oxygen whereas at an altitude of 2500 metres there is an equivalent oxygen percentage of 15.5%. This is due to the oxygen molecules being further apart at altitude than at sea level. Being exposed to this environment triggers several advantageous physiological and hormonal responses in the human body which anyone can benefit from.

Is Simulated Altitude Training safe?

Yes, it is. We have certified altitude coaches to take every member through an induction and a first class at altitude. Pulse Oximeters are provided to consistently measure oxygen saturation levels and our coaches will educate you on breathing and maintaining ideal oxygen saturation levels. We will further provide ongoing support and there will be a number of classes to motivate and educate you. If you have any serious medical conditions, we will require a clearance from your GP before you can use the studio.

Why train at High Altitude?

Simulated altitude training (SAT) triggers a number of physiological and hormonal responses. Your body will become more efficient at carrying and delivering oxygen. This, in turn, leads to enhanced performance, faster recovery, less muscle fatigue and better endurance. SAT also leads to an increased metabolism, enabling you to burn up to 50% more calories than at sea level. You will have a competitive edge over your opponents and be better prepared for your Base Camp expedition. SAT also contributes greatly to improved overall health and well-being. With SAT everybody can achieve better results, in less time, with less effort.

Who can benefit from Simulated Altitude Training?

Simulated altitude training can be beneficial to a wide range of people, including:

  • Anyone wanting to lose weight faster
  • Sports men and women looking to significantly improve their performance
  • People from all walks of life looking to improve their overall health and well-being
  • Hikers and climbers preparing for a Base Camp expedition

What sort of results can I achieve in a simulated altitude training studio?

You can burn up to 50% more calories training at altitude than at sea level; increased aerobic endurance, energy levels and improved performance; incredible strength outcomes and lean muscle tissue growth; alleviate stress and improve sleeping patterns; reduced resting heart rate and improved heart functionality; and accelerated goal achievement and faster recovery time.

What are the SAT guidelines and recommendations?

Simulated altitude training can be highly addictive, promoting greater adherence to training and ultimately better results. For best results we recommend:

  • Exposure to altitude 2-3 times per week
  • Session duration of 20-40 minutes
  • Cycle your intermittent simulated altitude sessions by having one week off every four weeks (3 weeks on, 1 week off)
  • Oxygen saturation levels to be monitored by using a Pulse Oximeter (regulated oxygen saturation levels between 80%-85%)
  • We recommended that you increase your hydration rate when training at altitude.

What is the purpose of the Altitude classes?

Everybody’s initial response to Simulated Altitude Training will be different during the acute adaptation phase. The classes firstly serve as an induction to new members. Our coaches will ensure that you have an understanding of how to achieve optimum oxygen saturation levels and how to maintain them. Secondly, the classes are highly engaging and set in a boutique environment, ensuring that you stay challenged, motivated and educated on Simulated Altitude Training.

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