Surge understands that balance in life is important to our members. Juggling work, family and social life can be a difficult prospect but Surge doesn’t feel that its members’ fitness should be compromised.

Surge 24/7 offers our members complete flexibility in choosing when they want to work out, without restrictions. Your gym session will fly by with access to crowdDJ music and our touchscreen interactive cardio machines which allow you to watch TV or go online. Our members have peace of mind knowing that they can exercise in a safe, secure environment with the latest in fitness equipment and technology.

Safety of our members is of paramount importance and so a comprehensive induction is offered to all members, as well as staffed hours to offer you additional advice and support during your workouts.

With conveniently located parking and easy to access clubs, and fully air-conditioned, quality changing facilities, Surge really does have it all.

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